Monday, December 20, 2010

Survivor invitation accepted.

Today I learned that my application to play Survivor on line was accepted. I am thrilled that being myself and letting the chips fall where they may worked ... but I would have ben ok if it hadn't worked because it would not have been right for me. I like that saying the truth and being honest as to who I am was appealing.

Last night I was blocked from survivor. I believe I was targeted because I stood up to the nasty, racist, obscene language used and while I did none that yesterday, I was blocked by face book and cannot invite anyone to be friends on facebook or comment on public forums. Given the complete lack of justification, it seems appalling that facebook has this policy that must count on volume verses content and accuracy of a complaint. The a loophole for bullies to target people who stand up to them. That there is no way to appeal and no way to see what you did that caused you to be warned and blocked, you are essentially helpless.

For me, shutting off my voice because I took a stand for not attacking others, is akin to being violated. No it is not the same, but it touches the same raw core. And it is certainly an attack. I was not the only one. So I think some people are pissed off at being censured.

Reminds me of being bullied as a child... and feeling so helpless...

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